Who am I?

My name is André and I believe anyone can be a changemaker and positively impact the people and the world around them.

That means YOU can too. And I’ll show you how.

I am a Dutch guy with Portuguese roots who has lived in Switzerland for over 20 years and now resides in the UK. I dropped out of high-school because I spent more time in the library reading about anything related to self development and spirituality than doing my homework – or showing up for class…

I then lived as an artist’s apprentice for a little while before joining the marine corps. The usual stuff actually.

Continuing to embrace variety and pursuing my quest for freedom, I started my own company in knowledge management in the mid nineties. At the same time I immersed myself in studying yoga, meditation, quantum psychology, NLP, neuro emotional integration, and many more disciplines with the aim of answering life’s biggest questions.

The broad scope of exploration I did over the years gave me a valuable insights. 

I believe we’re here to give to the world, not take from it.

I believe we need more conscious and awake people that know how to skilfully lead others in creating positive change so that we’re all creating lives we love in healthy and thriving communities.

Since, I have been teaching self development, high performance strategies and yoga and meditation worldwide as well as having leadership roles at companies. Want to know more?  linkedin to the rescue for the so inclined!

Looking back what has helped me most is the good fortunate of meeting a few amazing people who’s wisdom and guidance made me realise the vital roles mentors can play in our lives. They taught me how to become more grounded into simplicity of being and helped me to access expanding levels of spontaneity, clarity and higher wisdom.

They taught me how to become a changemaker.

What makes me the happiest is to help and empower changemakers, like you, to contribute to the people and world around you by giving you the tools to purposely develop yourself so that you reach higher levels of consciousness, abundance, and joy.

Specifically, I currently focus on sharing teachings that are sourced from over 20 years of study in the tradition of Dru Yoga, Dru Meditation,  Sri Vidya, Dru Ayurveda and Dru Nidra. 


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