The Changemaker’s Superpowers - (4) Contribution

Season #1

If everyone takes care of everyone’s needs, everyone’s needs will be taken care of.

This was one of the main instructions a group of us were given during a retreat about 10 years ago. I remember this so well because when we all embrace this principle and we each do our bit in taking care of the needs of the people around us life becomes much less of a struggle and much more fulfilling.

I really belief that one of the most empowering gifts you can share with the people you work and or live with is that of instilling the joy of giving and contribution in people’s heart.

A successful changemaker that is after lasting impact knows that getting people to set goals that serve more than just themselves is the fast route to getting people to feel empowered and fulfilled.

People feel fulfilled when they grow and evolve, and when they give and contribute.

As Mahatma Gandhi  said, The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

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